Our Solutions

IP CCTV & Access Control Systems

We offer a vast range of IP based Video Surveillance Solutions consisting of Enterprise level Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions, IP based Video Door Phones, IP and Non IP Based Access Control Systems. Our IP Video Surveillance (CCTV) systems can also be integrated with state of the art Video Management software (VMS) hence giving an edge to our clients.

IT Solutions including Networking

We build IT Networks for our clients consisting of CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 based on the requirement of equipment on the network. Our IT solutions also include Network maintenance contracts and building customized servers and switching options to handle day to day activities.

Fire and Smoke Detection solutions (Including VESDA)

We offer a complete range of conventional and addressable Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) from leading brands to suit our client requirements. Our solutions can also be integrated with our Time and Attendance systems thus disarming exit doors in the case of an emergency. VESDA offers an early alert which is extremely important for detecting smoke so evacuation procedures can be implemented before hand.

Public address and emergency evacuation systems.

Our solutions for Public Address systems include IP and Analog Technology thus giving our clients a vast spectrum of options to choose from. Emergency Voice Evacuation systems can also be integrated for further strengthening the capability of the Public Address system.

Hotel Lock and Biolock systems

We offer a complete solution for Hotel Locks along with software management which includes enrollment of guest cards at the time of check-in. Apart from Hotel Locks, we offer a range of Biolocks which cater to bungalows, villas and apartments through fingerprint, face and card based authentication.

Burglar Alarm Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems

Our solutions for Burglar and Intrusion Detection Systems can be offered in wireless and wired options depending on the size of our clients requirement. Our Wireless solutions can be used to save wiring costs and in areas where physical wiring is not possible to be laid.

EPBX and IPBX Communication Solutions

We offer scalable IPBX telephone systems which can be integrated with other security equipment such as CCTV and Access control. Our Analog EPBX telephone systems gives the client the option for a economical communication solution.

Inventory Tracking Systems

We offer solutions to efficiently and effectively allow our clients to track movable and immovable inventory using RFID based Technology which can be integrated into a customized Database and customized Dashboard. This offers our clients a scalable solution to meet their future demands

GPS enabled fleet management systems

Our solution offer a complete cloud based interface allowing our clients to locate company Vehicles , Employees and assets which are on the move from a central location. This creates an efficient and robust tool to increase productivity for any organization.

Automated Number plate recognition systems

Our Automated Number plate recognition solution enables law enforcement agencies and also large townships for automated tacking of vehicles. Our solution can further be integrated into a Visitor and Vehicle Management software giving our clients peace of mind and reducing dependency on physical manpower.